Kasia Pokrop

HypnoBirthing® Docent

I’m Kasia, a mom of Lily and Miko, who decided to change her life upside down after the best thing that ever happened to me: birth of my daughter Lily.

I was shocked how ok Lily’s labor was despite what you see out there on TV or hear from your friends. Then I got devastated how it changed my everyday everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.. after which I decided to do what my dad always told me to do: figure it out. I stepped on my mat, and continued breathing, moving, exploring, and hey – having fun!

It turns out you can! You can have a beautiful birth, feeling like a super woman afterwards, then love your partner more than you did ever before, and fall in love every day after in what you two created together: a little human. More! You can go and create another one! So we did, his name is Miko.

Miko is everything that his sister wasn’t: he doesn’t sleep, wants to eat my food, your food, everybody’s food, he climbs the stairs before walking, puts his fingers in electricity sockets, loves falling with his head backward, downward, really any direction, and he is the cutest, sweetest, little cuddly thing ever.. Which saves him really.. and which also proves his sister was a unicorn baby to us..

So here I am, sharing what proved to help me and my students with anyone that is up for a fun ride into parenting life based on yoga, HypnoBirthing and just being a mom..

If you are about to extend your life by getting a little human into equation and you would like someone to support you towards a beautiful birth and easy entry into parenthood, with lots of experience, positive energy and simply fun – I would love to be this person!


R. Bergmans BV
Van Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg 98-3, 1076 JR Amsterdam
KvK: 65537793

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